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0803 Multipurpose Plastic Storage Rack Oraganiser - 3 pcs

0803 Multipurpose Plastic Storage Rack Oraganiser - 3 pcs

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Plastic Storage Baskets for Classroom Or Home Use

Resolve your storage issues with these Storage Baskets. These storage baskets can carry loads of items and be used in any room in your house. Use them in the laundry room, kitchen, bedroom, or even in your bathroom to store utilities. Store anything and everything from fruits, vegetables, pantry items, toiletries, beauty products, school supplies, mail, magazines and more. Crafted of high quality woven plastic, sturdy and break-resistant, these plastic baskets are extremely durable. They do not crack easily and also do not shed or flake. The perforated pattern on the baskets allows for ventilation. These baskets are extremely easy to clean. To clean the baskets, simply use soap and water and scrub with a brush or washcloth, and then give them a good rinse. Water easily flows through the netted perforated baskets, which makes cleaning them a breeze.


Easy to Clean and Store: Each set includes six sturdy plastic storage baskets. These baskets have built-in handles and a surface that's easy to clean. They also stack vertically to maximize ease of storage.

High temperature resistant and good durability. It can be used as bookshelf, and also can store fruits, vegetables, storage bottles, containers, and other household items.

Simple and elegant: you can simply keep it on any flat surface to store anything in it

Also use in office for organizing documents, stationery, magazine, essentials, etc.

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